All-in-one Management platfrom for cash on delivery​

CODRocket is a cash-on-delivery sales management platform that offers all of the features that merchants and distributors need to manager their businesses.

Manage your COD business in one place​

We build all you need to manage and control your cash on delivery with our management tool.


You can track orders on the website and send them directly to shipping companies or distributors.


Assign your own delivery team and assign them to orders with the ability to change it and change the status of the order through their own account.


If you have multiple warehouses with couriers or couriers..with CODRocket you can keep track of it all on one page.


You will receive detailed statistics, reports and numbers about the activity of your online store and your performance on the platform.

Manage all your store with our advenced integration

We build all you need to manage and control your cash on delivery with our management tool.

Get ready to scale your business

COD Rocket is more than just a COD management tool. It’s a complete solution for scaling your business and streamlining your operations. With COD Rocket, you can easily manage and track all your orders, deliveries, and payments in one place, so you can focus on growing your business.

An advanced & friendly interface for deliverers

At COD Rocket, we understand that deliverers are a critical part of the COD process. That’s why we’ve created an advanced and friendly interface that makes it easy for deliverers to manage their tasks and streamline their deliveries.

Fully automate your delivery processes

COD Rocket is designed to make the lives of deliverers easier and more efficient. With our powerful platform, you can manage your deliveries, track your earnings, and get paid quickly and easily.

2,157 people have said how good COD Rocket is:

Our happy clients say about us

“COD Rocket has made managing our COD orders so much easier. The interface is intuitive, and the support team is responsive and helpful.”



eCommerce store owner

“We’ve been using COD Rocket for a few months now, and we’ve already seen a significant improvement in our operations. It’s been a game-changer for our business.”



Logistics Manager

“Kna dima khdamin b Google Sheets bach n geriw lbusiness dialna, walakin bach 3erfna bli kayna COD Rocket, shlat 3lina bzaf o3tatni lforssa bach ntower mn business diali.”



Shopify store owner

CODrocket is a cash-on-delivery sales management platform that provides all services that help merchants and distributors run their businesses.


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